Teleios GT Fabric Printer

Dye Sublimation Printer: Teleios GT Fabric Printer

Teleios GT Fabric Printer

The Teleios is a dye-sublimation printer. It uses heat to transfer inks on to fabric. The end result is a vibrant, rich colored product. It's beautiful color production coupled with printing on fabric, produces an impressive, high-quality graphic perfect for your marketing, decorating or promotional needs. This is used to print fabric tradeshow backdrops, sail flags, table covers and more. GH's Teleios GT is able to print 8" - 74" at 720dpi. It also uses technology to help control colors and to keep them consistent print after print.

VUTEk GS3250lx

EFI VUTEk GS3250lx

Vutek GS3250 Roll to Roll Flatbed Printer

The Vutek is an eight color Flatbed LED UV large format printer with roll-to-roll printing capabilities. It will print up to 2,400 sq. ft. or print 60 4'x8' sheets of substrate per hour. The Vutek is able to print directly onto flexible or rigid substrates. It also prints on any rigid substrate up to 2" thick. It is a great addition to our workflow and production crew!


TeckStorm UV Flatbed TS Series

TeckStorm UV Flatbed TS Series

Techwin: TeckStorm UV Flatbed

The Teckwin TeckStorm UV flat-bed printer is a game changer. The TeckStorm is a high resolution flatbed UV printer with a roll-to-roll option making this new printer versatile for our production crew to ensure we have the right tool for each job. The TeckStorm prints up to  250 sq.ft. per hour using UV light to cure inks. It has very high resolution production capabilities, to produce high quality, impressive jobs. It prints on rigid and flexible media like Coroplast, foamboard, acrylic, PVC, paper, etc.

AnaJet mP10

GH Imaging's AnaJet mPower10 Direct to Garment Digital PrinterThe AnaJet mP10 digital apparel printer is the fastest and most durable direct-to-garment printer in its class. It is purpose-built for high-volume production, and uses a robust industrial print head and a new, innovative, patented closed loop ink delivery system reducing wasted inks and banding in prints. The AnaJet is capable of printing a 12x10 graphic in as little as 16 seconds. Print digital quality graphics on black and dark garments in 40 seconds or less (one pass for a white base, the second pass for color).

Fotoba Cutter

Our Fotoba® is an automated cutter, enabling high production turn-around in much less time. With the Fotoba® cutmarks generated by the RIP and the true image edge tracking (Fotoba patent pending) the cutting and trimming is done as we print.

When the job exits the printer, it is cut and trimmed on the Fotoba® and ready for delivery. This creates a more efficient workflow, resulting in higher quality, and lower cost.