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Transit Bus Cards

Bus graphics are one of the most popular and attractive forms of outdoor transit advertising. They are viewed all around cities and towns as they travel on their routes. Utilizing our full-color, UV ink digital printing process, our Bus Cards captivate commuters, travelers and pedestrians with their crisp text, photographic images and bright, vivid colors. GH offers a variety of standard and custom bus card sizes including Kings, Queens, Tails and any form and size of ad panels for transit use. We produce our graphics on the most durable vinyl busmark materials. These are built to last even when buses are washed with high pressure strong detergent wash lines.

Tail Bus Poster

Tail bus graphics display advertisements on the rear of the bus.
Standard Size: 21"h x 72"w

Mini Queen Bus Poster

Mini queen bus graphics are a smaller graphic that appears on the curb side of a bus.
Standard Size: 30"h x 88"w

Queen Bus Poster

Queen sized bus graphics typically on the curb side of busses. Since they face the curb side, they're always seen by pedestrians while they're commuting, shopping and more. 
Standard Size: 30"h x 108"w



King Bus Poster

King size bus graphics are large prints that is installed to either side of a bus. They are quite large, and get a large reach and frequency every day!
Standard Size: 30"h x 144"w

King Bus Poster


Bus Graphic Printing Process

Our transit bus cards are printed on busmark using UV inks. UV inks should be used for printing transit signs. They're much better for the environment than solvent inks. UV curable inks are formulated with liquid monomers, oligomers and photo initators that instantly harden when exposed to UV light.

Do Busmark Queens, Kings, Tails and Shelters Need to be Laminated? No!

GH UV Inks are made of the same chemistry that printers use to protect their solvent ink. The most common liquid laminate is a UV cured liquid laminate. It is the UV cure coating that protects the solvent inks from abrasion and chemicals. Many solvent prints without a UV curable coating will strip away from chemical washes. We completely eliminate that need by using the more costly UV curable ink. Our inks will last longer than the time frame typically needed in the transit industry. They also last longer than the products that we print them on.

Busmark Longevity – 1 year

Recommendations: This product is designed for smooth, flat surfaces and should not be applied over corrugations or rivets. Prior to application, the surface(s) must be clean and dry. Please be sure that printing graphics, using solvent inks, have been allowed to thoroughly dry, either through the use of heat or by exposing unrolled material to the air. If excessive solvents remain, they may penetrate the vinyl causing it to become overly soft and pliable, inhibiting proper installation and removal of the graphic.

DOES GH OFFER LAMINATE? Absolutely! Laminating costs are not added into our standard pricing on Queens, Kings, Benches or shelters because it isn’t needed. We, of course, offer both liquid or film laminate for an additional fee. Some of the short term wrap materials are printed with solvent inks and those prices include liquid lamination. Long term wraps (5-year 3M®IJ180) will always be priced with film lamination included.

Custom Design

We have a team of very talented graphic designers. We can work with you to design your next project from scratch or we can work with a design you already have created. Contact us today to talk more about custom design!


Our standard production is 5 business days after proof approval. Rush services are available for an additional fee, please contact your GH Sales Constultant if you have rush needs – 800.678.4041.

Artwork Specs

We prefer you to send us your art in vector format with all fonts converted to curves or outlines. Please ensure all art is CMYK and specify any Pantone® colors you need your art matched to.

Preferred Vector Formats: .cdr, .ai, .eps, .pdf

Preferred Bitmap Formats: .jpg, .tiff, .psd

  • Send at full size with 72 dpi resolution
  • Send at 10% scale with 720 dpi resolution


We offer the following shipping methods:

  • UPS Ground
  • UPS 3 Day Select
  • UPS 2nd Day Air
  • UPS Overnight
  • FedEx Overnight
  • FedEx Ground

We are also able to drop ship any orders to your customers and have them appear like they're coming from you. We can use your UPS or FedEx accounts. We will also provide you with tracking numbers once your package has shipped.

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