We offer a variety of different materials that are designed specifically for indoor use. These banners are a great solution for trade show graphics, (POP) point-of-purchase graphics, or indoor hanging graphics. They are made to last indoors and won't glare when bright lights are shined on them. Interior banner materials have a smooth finish that is ideal for high resolution, impressive graphics that may be viewed from a close distance. Custom indoor banners offer ultimate convenience because they are very light weight and easy to transport.


Fabric Banners

Our Fabric Banners are printed using our Telios Dye-Sublimation printer for vibrant colors and exceptional image quality.



UV Printed Materials*

Super Smooth

super smooth

Tree Starch

tree starch



Flag Special

flag special

*Not all materials available for all applications, click on images for material details.


Dye-Sub Printed Materials*


eco 210